Curriculum & Course Descriptions


BS3341 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Handling Stress and Resilience

Course Coordinator: Assistant Professor Rupshi MITRA (email: )

Academic Unit: 3 AU

Availability: Semester 2 (the week after Semester 2 examination period)

Pre-requisite: None *Preferably for students who will be registering or have completed ‘BS3019 Neuropsychology of Stress and Resilience’.

Course Type: BS-Major-PE

Language of Instruction: English

Teaching hours: Practicals 39 hrs; Lectures: 26 hrs

Learning Objective:
In this course students will get first-hand experience on analyzing brain substrates for stress and resilience. They will learn the basic techniques and use their practical knowledge to study brains from different population of rodents.

  1. Brain structure and function; emphasis on rodent brain (animal model).
  2. Neuronal morphology
  3. Stress and resilience:  Differential neuronal outcome
  4. Stress disorders, Resilient lives…Understanding behavior
  5. Scientific analysis: Data analysis, graphical presentation.
Learning Outcome:
  • Students will know some of the core techniques of brain biology, including processing of brain tissue and analysis of neuronal changes.
  • Students will learn how daily behavior can be analyzed to collect meaningful neurobiological parameters
  • Students will be able to understand how behavior and brain may co-relate to bring out a certain state of stress or resilience
  • Students will be encouraged to present data in graphical form and to review relevant scientific literature.

Student Assessment:

Class participation   25%
Short scientific presentation      50%
Short assignment 25%
Total     100%