B.Sc. (Hons) in Biological Sciences


Undergraduate Research and Internship

The school of biological Sciences offers varies programmes to encourage more undergraduate students to consider research and development as a career choice. These programmes will also provide opportunities for students to gain in working experiences to prepare students for their career development.

BS9001-Undergraduate research experience: BS9001 is a Major PE carrying 3AU offered during May-Aug holiday. BS9001 is offered to SBS undergraduate students only. Students register for BS9001 will work full time for 6 weeks under the supervision of a School Biological Sciences faculty member during “May-Aug holiday”. The students will design, plan, prepare and perform experiments before analyzing and interpreting results, thus gaining experience in the scientific research process. The School will send an email to all eligible students regarding BS9001 in March of every Academic Year. SBS undergraduate students who have any other equiries may email to: vd-sbs-acad@ntu.edu.sg

Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA): URECA is an undergraduate research general elective to provide outstanding undergraduates an opportunity to pursue independent research under the supervision of a professor over a 11-month period. URECA enables undergraduates to immerse themselves in a vibrant research culture and experience research first hand, while earning benefits such as monetary allowances or academic units. http://www.ntu.edu.sg/ureca/Pages/default.aspx for more information.

BS4223-Professional Career Development: This two-day, 1 AU course aims to equip you with essential knowledge, job search techniques and collaterals in order to attain gainful employment. The course builds on the principles learned in “ML0001 Absolute Basics for Career” and “ML0002 Career Power Up” / “ML0003 kick start your career success” and provides opportunities to demonstrate interview, networking and negotiation techniques in a practical setting. This is a pass/fail course.

BS4224- Professional Internship: This 22-week Professional Internship programme is offered as a core course for all Bachelor of Sciences undergraduate students in Year 3/4. The purpose of this Professional Internship is to enable the application of knowledge and skills you have learned in SBS in an authentic work environment. This is such that you can gain relevant exposures and develop practical industry experiences and skills that will facilitate your career decision and future transition into your selected vocation. It aims for you to develop professional competencies that will enhance your employability and lifelong learning capabilities to support your career and life endeavours and your readiness for the future of work.