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NEA licence application and renewal via LicenceOne platform 28 May 2018

​Starting 28 May 2018, users applying for NEA licences R1, L5, L6 and N3 will need to access Licenseone. Access to the service requires a Singpass account, else users can register via LicenceOneID. Payment for the licences will be by e-payment (GIRO, credit card and other means). For now, users need to "pay first and claim later". Users who applied for the above NEA licences need to inform and provide a printout of their completed applicati​on form followed by the NEA licence in pdf (sent to user's email). For more information please contact BRC. The following is the flow-chart of the process.

Radioactive material inventory and usage forms
For SBS laboratories storing and handling radioactive materials, please submit the following completed forms to

After office hours record

School of Biological Sciences (SBS) takes your safety and well-being seriously and we would like to ask for SBS Staffs, collaborators and Students to continue supporting our effort by 

  • Registering your presence during after-office hours (so that all occupants are accounted for in case of evacuation)
Time: 21.00 to 08.00
Days: Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays

Previously we have provided a paper record book at SBS front desk for users to register in and out of building. To improve the process, BRC will adopt Google Form to assist in such registration. 

FYI, we will work closely with SBS IT (Heinz, Alex, and Ryan) in future to come up with SBS customized platform for such purpose. For now, hope SBS community members will utilize Google Form provided.