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Job Openings

Job Reference No. Position Laboratory of
R00003580 Research Fellow (Bioinformatics) Li Yinghui
R00003570 Project Officer (Neuroscience) Ayumu Tashiro
R00003569 Project Officer (Neuroscience) Ayumu Tashiro
R00003568 Project Officer (Neuroscience) Ayumu Tashiro
R00003567 Project Officer (Neuroscience) Ayumu Tashiro
R00003260 Research Assistant (Plant Genomics/Plant Biology) Lim Jun Ying
R00002944 Research Fellow (Machine Learning) Dao Ming
R00002033 Project Officer (Molecular Biology) Wu Bin
R00001954 Research Assistant (Biochemical) James Tam
R00001953 Research Fellow (Biochemical) James Tam
R00001353 Research Fellow (Cancer Biology and Cancer Immunology) Sze Siu Kwan
R00001350 Senior Research Fellow (Cardiovascular Diseases Immunoassay) Sze Siu Kwan
R00001162 Research Fellow (Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics) Sze Siu Kwan
R00001111 Research Fellow (Cancer Biology & Immunology) Li Yinghui
R00000430 Research Fellow Sze Siu Kwan
R00000133 Project Officer Li Yinghui
R00000126 Research Fellow Wilson Goh
R00000090 Senior Research Fellow James Tam

Updated 3 September 2020

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