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Microbiology and Immunology


Description of Research Category

Microbiology and Immunology research at SBS spans the study of clinically and veterinary important pathogenic microbes ranging from viruses and bacteria, to eukaryotic parasites. We examine antimicrobial resistance, bacterial biofilms, microbiomes, genomic epidemiology, and host-pathogen interactions. From the host perspective, we study immune cell development and function, innate and adaptive immunity, pathogen recognition and immune evasion, and inflammation. Our research efforts contribute to worldwide efforts to mitigate infectious diseases, focusing on the development of chemotherapies, vaccines, and diagnostics.

Research Directory

Biofilm-associated Infection
Cancer Cell Biology
Cry-EM and Single Particle Reconstruction
Ethoneuro Lab
Experiential Learning for Education
Immunology Laboratory
Laboratory of Molecular Immunology and Cell Signaling
Microbial Natural Product Biosynthesis & Bacterial Signaling Laboratory
Molecular and Cellular Virology
Molecular Basis of Biosynthesis and Regulation
Molecular Condensation for Actin Assembly
Peter Preiser’s Lab
Scott Rice Laboratory, Microbial Biofilm Communities
Structure and function of molecular engines for drug discovery in infectious diseases​
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