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Cancer and Cell Biology

​Description of Research Category

Amino acids, lipids, nucleotides, and metabolites are passive molecules which are the building block of the smaller unit of life, a cell. These small molecules form endless combinations of larger molecules and cellular compartments, the organelles. Together, DNA/RNA, proteins, membrane lipids, signalling lipids, and metabolites work in synergy to regulate cellular functions. The SBS Cancer and Cell Biology research cluster contributes in the enrichment of current knowledge in normal cellular functions and the outcomes when some functions are dysregulated, including cancer. The cluster focuses mostly on signal transduction, gene regulation, cellular transport, cell division, cell migration, stem cell biology, cell physiology, c​ell metastasis, an​d cellular stress responses. Our multidisciplinary research team is supported by state-of-the-art facilities including super resolution microscopy​, correlation light-electron microscopy, light sheet microscopy, total internal reflection fluorescence microscope, and multi-laser cell sorting.

Research Directory

Cancer Cell Biology
Cell Adhesion in Inflammation and Cancer
Cell Signalling
Chromatin Architecture, Transcription and Genomics (CATG) lab
Chromatin Interactions in Cancer
Gene Regulation in Breast Cancer
Laboratory of Cell Cycle and Cancer Biology
Laboratory of Genomic Structural Biology
Laboratory of Molecular and Biochemical Genetics
Laboratory of Molecular Immunology and Cell Signaling
Lipid Regulation and Cell Stress
Membrane Compartmentalisation and Cell Polarity Lab
Membrane Trafficking Laboratory​
Molecular and Cellular Virology
Molecular Condensation for Actin Assembly
Peter Cheung's lab
Proteomics Laboratory for Translational Research
Structural Biology & Drug Discovery
Transcription and Chromatin Regulation in Cancer​ ​​​​
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