General Store


General Store e-Viewing System

General Store Information

Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences Store. Here you can access the online e-Viewing system and also find some general information including opening hours and a short description of services.

If you are non-SBS personnel and wish to make purchases from the Store please contact us at

Click on the respective links to access the e-Viewing System

For regular purchases by (non-SBS) NTU staff and graduate students you may request to access the electronic e-Viewing system. Access to the e-Viewing system will allow you to view current stock levels, fill out and print an order form and then proceed to the Store to collect goods. 

Note: Non-SBS personnel are currently not permitted to use the Receiving of Delivered Goods service nor the Labcoat Laundry Service.

Store Contact Information

60 Nanyang Drive
Nanyang Technological University
School of Biological Sciences
Singapore 637551

Tel: 6316-2874

Operating Hours

The Store is open for deliveries and purchases on weekdays:

Monday to Thursday
      9:00am - 11:30 am (NO PURCHASING)
      1:30pm - 5:00 pm (Last Order at 4:45pm)
      9:00am - 11:30 am (NO PURCHASING)
      1:30pm - 4:30 pm (Last Order at 4:15pm)

Strictly no purchases in the morning and no deliveries in the afternoon.

Receiving Delivered Goods

  1. User will be contacted by phone or email to collect delivered goods
  2. Upon collection, users will have to sign and write down the date of collection on the Delivery Order sheet.

Note: The store does not have facilities to keep radioactive items and -80ºC items. The users must collect the item as soon as possible. If uncontactable by the end of the day, neighbouring lab staff will be contacted to collect. An email will be sent to notify the user of who has collected the item on their behalf.

Returned Goods/Goods exchange

  1. Users have to contact vendors on their own to arrange for goods return/exchange.
  2. The item to be returned/exchanged must be returned to the Store as soon as possible
  3. Users are to fill out the "Goods return/exchange" form and attach DO/TI if any.
  4. The Store will hand over the item to the vendor and fill in the appropriate remark for actions to be taken.

*Note: Hardcopies are also available in the General Store

Trolley Loan

  1. Users must ask at the counter for trolley loan.
  2. Trolleys must be returned within the same day.
  3. If the trolley is not returned, then the user's entire laboratory group will be immediately banned from loaning the trolley in the future.

Sequencing Services

Collection Days

  • Bio Basic: Monday to Friday
  • 1st Base: Monday to Friday
    1. Users must supply samples and fill out sequencing forms by 2.00pm.
    2. Sequencing results will be sent to individual order by vendor.

Labcoat Laundry Services

Labcoats are sent for washing every Wednesday afternoon.

  1. User are requested to ensure that:
    - all pockets are cleared of gloves and stationery.
    - all coats are labeled with user name, PI's name, lab tel ext no. & NTU-SBS on the inside of the collar using permanent marker.
  2. Deposit all labcoats in the laundry basket provided in the Store customer service area.
  3. Fill in the Labcoat Record Book.
  4. Coats will be ready for pick up 1-2 weeks later.
  5. Users are required to sign off in the Labcoat Record Book upon collection.
  6. If uncollected within two week the coats will be absorbed by School.