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For students under the ‘Psychology with 2nd Major in Biological Sciences’ programme

The following 6 courses are compulsory

Course Code ​Course Title AUs Semester
BS1001​ ​​Introductory Biology ^ 3 1
BS1005​ Biochemistry I 3 2
BS1006 Principles of Genetics 3 2
BS1007 Molecular and Cell Biology I 3 2
BS2001 ​​Physiology 3 2
BS2004​ ​Molecular and Cell Biology II 3 2

Students have a choice of 5 electives from the Table below with the following 2 courses highly recommended:

Course Code ​Course Title AUs
​BS3001 Neurobiology​​ 3
BS3014 Biological Foundations of Behavior 3

Elective Table

Course Code ​Course Title AUs
BS2007 Immunology​ 3
BS2010 Bioimaging 3
BS2012 Genetics & Genomics 3
BS2021 RNA Structures & RNA based Drug Development 3
BS211S Equations of Life 3
BS3001 Neurobiology 3
BS3003 Developmental biology 3
BS3004 Cancer biology and Therapy 3
BS3006 Bioentrepreneurship 3
BS3008 Computational Biology & Modelling 3
BS3010 Current topics in stem cell and developmental biology 3
BS3011 Protein folding & biomolecular NMR 3
BS3012 Functional genomics and proteomics 3
BS3013 Drug discovery & development, biotechnology 3
BS3014 Biological foundations of behavior 3
BS3015 The RNA World 3
BS3018 Plant biology 3
BS3019 Neuropsychology of Stress and Resilience 3
BS3021 Bioimaging Techniques in EM 3
BS3022 Protein Trafficking 3
BS3024 Evolution in Health and Disease 3
BS3027 Spectroscopic Methods in Biomedical Structural Biology 3
BS4002 Current topics in cell biology 3
BS4004 Current topics in immunology 3
BS4010 Synthetic Biology 3
BS4011 Biology of Social Behavior 3
BS4014 Molecular Basis of Diseases 3
BS4015 Plant Biotechnology 3
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