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Career Prospects and development

​​The World is Waiting

Double Degree graduates will be well-positioned to consider careers in both the general Life Sciences and specialized TCM fields. Possible career areas include:

  • TCM clinical practice (subject to passing the relevant licensing examination)
  • Biomedical and Healthcare e.g. clinical researchers, healthcare support staff, diagnostics
  • TCM Research and Development e.g. clinical research, product development
  • Biomedical Research & Development e.g. staff scientists in Research Institutes, Multinational pharmaceutical companies, Universities
  • Management e.g. managers and administrators in Life Science/TCM-related ventures, financial institutions, statutory boards, investment companies
  • Education e.g. teachers, instructors, lecturers from primary to tertiary level
  • Life Sciences/TCM support network e.g. sales representatives, service engineers, product specialists, providers of critical support and supplies to researchers
  • Media & publishing e.g. scientific journalism, public education/awareness
  • Law e.g. patent and intellectual property law related to scientific discoveries
  • Safety & Quality Control e.g. safety officers, highly analytical quality control officers

Please contact our School Career Advice Office for any enquiries and appointment at:​​​

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