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Laboratory of Neural Circuits and Behavior

Research in our lab employs a multidisciplinary approach to pursue two major aims:
  1. To define the molecular, anatomical, and functional distinctions of neuronal subpopulations in the nervous system that control specific behaviors; and
  2. To identify and characterize genes that direct the assembly and maintenance of neural circuits.

These general issues are examined through the analysis of local and long-range circuits in subcortical brain centers important for coordination and refinement of movement, motor learning, and cognitive behaviors using genetic and viral circuit tracing, neural manipulations, and behavioral approaches in mice.

Chen Albert I-Ming
Assistant Professor

Phone: (65) 6908 2243
Office: CSB-12-01A-01
Aloysius Y. T. Low
Postdoctorate Research Fellow

Norliyana Zainolabidin
Research Fellow

Helen Ho Shen Ting
Research Assistant

Alaric Yip
Student Assistant


  • Control of discrete and rhythmic movement by cerebello-thalamo-cortical circuits (MOE AcRF Tier 2)
  • Defining the brain circuitry defects that cause dementia (MOE AcRF Tier 3)

Full list of publications can be found here
  • Kamath, S., Chen, A.I. (2018). Myocyte enhancer factor 2c regulates dendritic complexity and connectivity of cerebellar Purkinje cells. Molecular Neurobiology s12035-018-1363-7.
  • Tan, S., Xiao, Y., Chen, A.I., Soon, T.W., Je, H.S. (2018). Postnatal TrkB ablation in corticolimbic interneurons induces social dominance in male mice. P.N.A.S. 1812083115.
  • Tantra, M., Guo L., Kim, J., Augustine, G.J., Eulenburg, V., Chen, A.I. (2018). Conditional deletion of Cadherin-13 perturbs Golgi cells and disrupts cognitive and social behaviors. Genes, Brain, and Behavior e12466.
  • Low, A.Y.T., Thanawalla, A.R., Yip, A.K.K., Kim, J., Wong, K.L.L., Tantra, M., Augustine, G.J., Chen, A.I. (2018). Precision of discrete and rhythmic forelimb movements requires a distinct neuronal subpopulation in the interposed anterior nucleus. Cell Reports 22, 2322-2333.
  • Zainolabidin, N., Kamath, S.P., Thanawalla, A.R., Chen, A.I. (2017). Distinct activities of Tfap2A and Tfap2B in the specification of GABAergic interneurons in the developing cerebellum. Front. Molecular Neurosci. 10, 281.
  • Chen, A.I.*, Zang, K., Masliah, E., Reichardt, L.F. (2016). Glutamatergic axon-derived BDNF controls GABAergic synaptic differentiation in the cerebellum. Scientific Reports 6, 20201. *corresponding author
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